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Tuesday 25 June 2024
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SouthBurnett.Biz is part of the South Burnett Online regional network and is maintained at the South Burnett Media Centre's offices in Kingaroy.

You're very welcome to contact us either in person or by phone during normal business hours (9:00am to 5:00pm AEST), or by email at any time.


  • Office Address: Front offices, South Burnett Enterprise Centre. 6 Cornish St, Kingaroy
  • Postal Address: PO Box 547 Kingaroy Q 4610
  • Phone: (07) 4163-6854
  • Fax: (07) 4163-6856
  • Email: Click here



Listing Policy
One common reason people want to contact us is in connection with getting their business or organisation listed with us or to alter an existing listing. To save you time, here are our listing policies in a nutshell:

  • We list any business or other organisation (eg: a non-profit club or society) that has a physical presence in our geographic coverage area (such as a store, business premises or club-house) regardless of whether that business or group is headquartered in the South Burnett or not.
  • Our geographic coverage area is the South Burnett region (which is larger than the area covered by the South Burnett Regional Council). The South Burnett region stretches from Benarkin in the south to Bell's Bridge in the north; and from Cooyar to the Bunya Mountains, Boondooma and Booubyjan. This area is covered by the South Burnett Regional Council; Toowoomba Regional Council; Gympie Regional Council; and the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council.
  • Listings in SouthBurnett.Biz are completely free and will be amended at any time at no charge if we're informed of any inaccuracy (eg: a change of phone number, address etc).
  • Listings may also be removed from our database at any time - either by request of the business owner or if we're informed that a business or organisation has ceased to exist and we verify that this is so.
  • While people who complete our online registration form are welcome to suggest what major and minor category they believe they should be listed in, the final selection of these categories is chosen by us.
  • We try to make SouthBurnett.Biz listings as factually informative as possible and ensure that all listing descriptions meet this house style. So while people who complete our online registration form are also welcome to supply us with as many details about their business as possible, the final format of their business description will be made to fit into our house style, which we attempt to keep completely free of any promotional phrasing or "puffery" (eg: "We have the best widgets in town").
  • We make every effort to ensure that our listings are as accurate as possible. This includes phoning and/or visiting businesses listed with us to verify that our information is correct. Nonetheless, there may be times when we have inaccurate listings and we always appreciate being notified of these so that we can correct them. You can do so by phoning us on (07) 4163-6854 or by emailing us.
  • Individuals and/or organisations who are listed with SouthBurnett.Biz may receive emails from us on occasion. These will usually be emails sent to verify that the email address we have on file for them is correct; emails sent to remind them to check and (if necessary) update their current listing; or emails sent to advise of some improvement or upgrade to our service. Individuals and/or organisations listed with us consent to receive these occasional emails in exchange for their free listing on our network.